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Interpump High Presurre Pump For Sea water RO

Pumps - Evolution 2 Series
Pumps – Evolution 2 Series

Latest generation series, designed by Interpump Engineering Research Center and entirely produced in Italy with sophisticated automation processes.
The usual high quality standards are paired with significant technical innovations, which make the product even more performing and reliable.

Flow rate from 8 to 16 liters per minute, max.pressure 275 bar (4000 psi), motor power up to 10 HP.
Available in specific versions for direct coupling to European electric motor, US electric motor Nema 184 TC and petrol engine.

Pumps - 47 Series
Pumps – 47 Series

Renowned wordwide for its extraordinary reliability, this Series represents the “Heart” of the Interpump range and is the main reference for professional high pressure washing.
Maximum flow rate is 30 liters per minute, max.pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi) with motor power up to 15 hp.

Pumps - 66 H.P. Series
Pumps – 66 H.P. Series

Designed to equip professional high pressure cleaners and industrial systems, with motor up to 30 HP, the 66 Series ensures by farthe highest quality standards in its application segment, for pressure up to 500 bar.

Pumps - HT Series
Pumps – HT Series

The HT (High Temprerature) series was designed for usein car-wash systems and industrial applications up to 85°C (185°F).

The introduction of highly innovative components and materials guarantees the highest reliability even in the toughest conditions of use.

The range of HT series is very wide, covering flow rate from 5 to 170 liters/minute and working pressure up to 250 bar.

Pumps - SS Series - Stainless Steel
Pumps – SS Series – Stainless Steel

The SS series pumps, which includes the SS71 range, are equipped with AISI 316L manifolds and are designed for various applications in the fields of reverse osmosis, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The quality of the materials used make them suitable for use with aggressive fluids.
Five different frame sizes cover flow rate from 5 to 150 liters/minute and working pressure up to 250 bar.

Pumps - Hydraulic Drive
Pumps – Hydraulic Drive

In addition to electric motors and petrol engines, Interpump pumps are also available in dedicated configuration for coupling to hydraulic motors.

The solutions for this application field are many and of a high quality level.

From 3 hp singlephase to 5.5 hp threephase, Interpump offers on the market a range of high quality motorpump units, with pressure from 100 to 180 bar and flowrate from 10 to 17 liters/minute.
The units are available in different configurations according to the customer’s requirements.
The most complete version includes on/off switch with power cord, integrated automatic pressure regulation valve and delayed totalstop system (automatic stop system when closing the gun).
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