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Reverse Osmosis Tenaga Surya

Tenaga Surya Containerized Untuk  RO & UF  Pengolahan Air   (Water Treatment Systems )
Desalinasi Tenaga surya hingga 50GPM

Didukung hanya dengan Tenaga Surya , Untuk Membran  Ultrafiltrasi dan Reverse Osmosis sistem Dapat Digunakan Di Air  sungai dan air sumur untuk menghasilkan air untuk minum, pertanian dan kegunaan lain.

Ratusan sistem ini saat ini beroperasi pengolahan air dengan TDS hingga 10.000 PPM dan produk aliran hingga 50 galon / menit. Dirancang untuk menghasilkan Air maksimum  yang diolah dengan energi terendah sistem ini kompak dan dibuat untuk digunakan di luar ruangan.


Benefits of Solar Desalination Systems                                                                Solar Desalination Plant

  • Self-Contained Operation; Containerized and Portable for Water Treatment in Remote Locations
  • Highly Efficient, Customizable and Economical
  • Conservatively Engineered for Reliable, Long Term Performance
  • Factory Tested to Ensure Trouble-Free Operation
  • Microprocessor or PLC Controlled with Built-In GPRS for Remote data & Control Communication
  • Solar Power up To 60 KW to Operate RO Plants up to 150,000 GPD (500 m3/day)

Solar Handles 100% of Daily Plant Production

WRO-ROC plants have a great economic advantage – they reduce RO operating cost by 50% compared to grid or diesel generators. Solar can operate RO plants at 100% daily design capacity during 6-8 hours, and if required uses AC power (if it is available) as back up at night time in hybrid mode (solar and AC) to operate 24 hours.


Why Wattech Membranes for Solar Desalination

  • Over 10,000 commercial/industrial systems in operation
  • Our systems are being used in over 100 countries worldwide
  • From packaged systems to custom engineered Reverse Osmosis systems, we can take care of your needs
  • We are one of the few companies that have the expertise to provide Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water, boiler feed water, seawater, desalination, ultrapure water, USP water, and water reuse.
  • We have supplied more systems to more countries than most of our competitors
  • Our customers include major national and international companies in every field of application
  • We stock more components for all sizes of RO systems than any other company
  • We have earned an enviable reputation for our product quality, performance reliability and business integrity
  • Over 15 years of experience in reflected in our quality
  • Manufactured in the ID



Available Features for Solar Powered RO & UF Systems

  • Solar Panels for Self-Contained Operation
  • Containerization
  • Trailer Mounting
  • Pretreatment and Post Treatment Options Custom Engineered
  • Stainless steel high pressure components, stainless steel pump
  • Heavy duty powder coated frame

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