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SSD Series Feed Pumps – High Pressure Pump By Fedco

The SSD series single-stage centrifugal high-pressure pump (HPP) performs just like any heavy-duty SWRO feed pump, but at a higher efficiency and lower capital cost. Featuring expedited delivery, it is ideal for the most demanding project schedule. The SSD series can reach pressures of 82 bar (1200 psi) when when coupled with the HPB or HP-HEMI recovery devices. The direct drive motor can be 50 or 60 Hz two-pole motor with speeds of 2900 – 3500 RPM.

Our mega system SSD feed pump is supplied in Duplex SS 2205 or optional Super Duplex SS 2507. A one-piece shaft is machined from bar stock, and the single-stage design provide a small footprint. The SSD series uses pumpage-lubricated bearings for maintenance-free operation.

SSD Series Feed Pump

Hydraulic Pressure Boosters (HPBs) – High Pressure Pump By Fedco

FEDCO leads the industry in turbocharger efficiency as the first and only company to exceed 80% transfer efficiency. The same technology used in our record-setting unite is used throughout our entire HPB product line.

Mega Systems Design Options

Superior efficiency comes with superior reliability as FEDCO offers an industry-leading three year limited warranty on the HPB product line. Our high quality design includes:

  • Total elimination of all external tubing and valves
  • One-piece rotor construction
  • Multi-vane diffuser
  • Rotor-flo thrust bearing lubrication

The HPB comes in both standard and mega system sizes.

Compare other suppliers with FEDCO for real-world comparisons and you will find system builders and end-users prefer the FEDCO brand HPB turbocharger energy recovery for efficiency and service. Certified test results confirm, FEDCO turbochargers are up to 10% more efficient. FEDCO is the foremost leader in the turbocharger efficiency with guaranteed performance and the only units with 80+% transfer efficiency. Our engineering and manufacturing teams have the most experience and most advanced test equipment for continuous efficiency improvements.


Standard HPB Product Line

With nine models, there is a perfect HPB for the most demanding project requirements. Standard MOC is Duplex SS 2205, however, customers also have the option to utilize Super Duplex SS 2507. Brine nozzle valve actuators and flanged connections are also available for the HPB. Each product is built to customer flow and pressure specifications, and delivery of a standard HPB is only three to six weeks!

Standard HPB

Brine Flow Regulation

Brine flow adjustment is accomplished by simply turning the aux nozzle handle. Open to increase brine flow and close to reduce it; the multi-turn needle valve provides precise flow regulation. Brine is not bypassed when the nozzle is open – all brine flow passes through the turbine impeller to maximize energy recovery.


Whether is is field operation log sheet data or precision test stand data, the HPB displays the highest average efficiency of any turbocharger ERD. Fully-machined rotors, multi-vane diffusers, and CFD-optimized hydraulic design are what set the HPB apart.

Mega HPB Product Line

Six mega HPB models cover some of the largest SWRO trains on earth, including the HPB-1400s used in Jeddah III.  Standard MOC is Duplex SS 2205 with optional Super Duplex SS 2507; brine nozzle valve actuators and flanged connections are also available.

Mega HPB

Hundreds of Tests, Years of Analysis

The mega HPB line is subjected to numerous CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) runs, which in turn involve trillions of calculations to optimize every inch of the flow passages.

Proprietary softward converts the CFD designs into CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs to turn the Duplex SS / Super Duplex SS plates into ultra-smooth, hydraulically-optimal feed and brine channels, while special bearing systems ensure reliable operation with minimal bearing losses.

MSD Series Feed Pumps – High Pressure Pump By Fedco

The MSD series multi-stage centrifugal high-pressure feed pumps provide a new level of reliability and efficiency in SWRO pumps.

Loaded with unique features, such as the patented Water Bearing™ thrust bearing, complete duplex SS construction, pumpage-lubricated bearings, and maintenance-free design ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Wattech SW-90/170

Wattech SW-90/170

Stainless Steel ( SS316 ) High Pressure Pump

 High Pressure Pump – Wattech SW Series

  • 100% stainless steel valve flats, seats, valve boxes, and springs, provide long life, positive-seating and corrosion-resistance.
  • The case iron crankcase states the highest strength and excellent stiffness.
  • The nitrite chrome-molybdenum steel crankshaft guarantees the best tensile strength and surface hardness for long-time operation.
  • The stainless steel plungers and bushes with plasma spray chrome oxide coating provide the maximum resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Unlike the fragile solid ceramic, the heat resisting character of coating stainless steel helps the bushes to survive from the extremely temperature shift.
  • SAE 316 stainless steel manifolds are totally corrosion-resistance and with reliable bearing strength.
  • The polytetrafluoro ethylene seal provides outstanding chemical-resistance, wear-proof and anti-thermal deformation. Its overall mechanical properties satisfy the most critical operating conditions.
Industrial High Pressure Pump - DC Series
Product Specifications
Model SW-120/140 SW-100/150 SW-90/170
Stroke mm 38 38 38
mm 40 38 36
RPM 850 850 850
Flow rate L/min 114 103 93
GPM 30 27 24
Pressure BAR 135 150 150
PSI 1950 2175 2175
Inlet Port 1-1/2″ PT
Outlet Port 1″ PT
HP required 40 40 40
L x W x H
mm 568 x 466 x 262
inches 22.4 x 18.4 x 10.3
Weight kg 75
lbs. 165

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